Dermatological pharmacology & Green Cosmetology

Dermatological pharmacology deals with the basic pharmacology of the drugs used in skin disorders. Drugs applied to skin diffuse from the stratum conium through epidermis and dermis, to enter the capillary microcirculation and systemic circulation Topical dermatological agents are applied directly on the skin to treat skin conditions. They may deliver medicines to prevent or treat skin disorders or have inert creams and ointments for routine skin care to maintain the skin, which may be susceptible to skin disorders.

Green cosmetics, squalane of natural origin is preferred to its synthetic equivalent, with a choice being made from a plant source. To go further, the methods of cultivating the plants that go into the composition of squalane are also important. What you want to look for is something that has compostable, easily recyclable, refillable, or reusable packaging—or better yet, no packaging,” says Piper. In terms of plastic alternatives, Jhánneu tends to look for more sustainable and easily recyclable materials, like aluminum, bamboo, and glass. Most Popular.

  • Bio-based chemicals
  • Natural Oils and extracts
  • Biological agents and new Organic therapies

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